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Growing up in small town Iowa, I was that awkward, horror obsessed kid. You know, the one with the lifesize poster of Freddy in his room. Shortly after crashing and burning in college, I spent the next 23 years in the Army JAG Corps, living everywhere from Korea to Germany, Iraq and several points in between.

The Good Stuff

Along the way, I managed to trick a woman out of my league into marrying me. She, knowing me better than I know myself, convinced me to change my degree plan from Criminal Justice to Creative Writing... and I've never been happier. Armed with my Masters degree and a wealth of life experience, I forge onward into the literary unknown.

At the moment, I am a college professor of English and a writing mentor with the Horror Writers Association, both of which I find extremely fulfilling.



Our Approach

2020 - Runner up in the Writers' League of Texas worldwide manuscript competition for my dark MG story The God Thieves: Hunger of Ammit.

2020 - Awarded third place in the Caprock Writers and Illustrators Alliance Short Story Competition for my story Tornado Alleys.

2019 - Competed in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge starting 12 July 2019! I had the pleasure writing a Rom Com story for the first time, which only required a few stitches to my forehead after banging it on the wall repeatedly. Didn't make it as far as I would have liked, but meh.

2018 - Made it to the final round of the year-long NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge. Five rounds... 3,000 competitors worldwide... FUN!

2014 - Writers' League of Texas manuscript competition finalist for my YA novel Deadver. It was a good first attempt that has evolved since then.

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Horror Writers Association


Writers' League of Texas


National Society of Leadership and Success

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International English Honor Society

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Georgia Military College

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Animal transport from one shelter to the next


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