In association with the Horror Writer's Association, I present to you the short poem Teeth, a cannibalistic PSA on the importance of dental care.


A budding ghost hunting show eager to make it big begins filming in a small Alabama town with a dark secret. As the sun sets on the site where a deal with a devil was struck, the crew finds out how far a close-knit community go to keep the peace.

Tornado Alleys

Tornado Alleys is the award winning story of a woman who who must make the choice between settling for the security of what is known and risking everything for a better life... all while a tornado bares down on her hometown.

Cape Hadel

Cape Hadel is the tale of the lost Research Vessel Cape Hadel and its ill-fated crew. Chasing fame and fortune, the research team ventured too close to a storm at sea, leaving them stranded over the Abyssal Plain without radio capabilities or engines to return home. When crew members begin to disappear, the survivors find that some legends of the deep are true… and hungry.

1,600 Paces

1,600 Paces chronicles the last day of man stranded on a desert island off the coast of northern Canada, where madness and Norse mythology converge.

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Welcome to New 'Awlins

In a city where the dead walk the streets, something as simple as a night tour of New Orleans cemeteries can cost you more than your life.

The Things we do for Love

The Things We do for Love follows an everyday college student’s descent from infatuation to murder. Love, even if it’s one sided, is a powerful thing. What would you do for the one you love? Would you kill for them?

Originally published by my friends at Fundead Publications, I will be happy to e-mail a PDF version to those brave enough to ask for it.

Twas the Fifth of December

Suffering from an undiagnosed form of schizophrenia, Robby's symptoms become terrifyingly focused after a teacher tells him the story of Krampus. Are the strange noises and frightening images merely hallucinations brought on by his disorder or is he really being stalked by a supernatural force?

Krampus: The Summoning

Krampus: the Summoning tells of the fateful night when a grief-stricken girl unleashed a curse upon the season after her father was killed in a power struggle between pagan and Christian beliefs a thousand years ago.

A Friday so Black (Poem)

This is a supplemental piece written for Krampus: the Summoning. To the cadence of The Night before Christmas, A Friday so Black follows a cursed family's struggle against a howling mob of holiday shoppers.

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Angel Dust

In life, Annette had a hollowness inside of her that could not be filled. In death, that hollowness has endured, turning her into a predator. After meeting a boy that reminds her of her little brother, will she save him or will the hollowness within win the day?


Sunny did nothing to stop her boyfriend from taking an old box from a cave hidden in the mountains. Now opened, the deadly "Pandora Virus" has spread across the land, twisting people into perverse, blood thirsty versions of thier former selves. Taking responsibility, Sunny now hunts for her old love and the box that must be closed.